Welcome to my "one item only" shop. 
This shop will only feature one item at a time. Everything I sell here will be unique
and won´t be sold a second time. So if you like something you better be quick. 
After one item is sold there will be a new one. These can be pictures , sculptures, clothes or videos. 

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So this little guy found a new home ! There will be something new very soon if you want to be updated
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"Hooray ! The first product in this shop is this little guy , which is hand-drawn by me and there is only one in the whole world !
He is very friendly and guaranteed to bring a positive vibe to your home!

He comes with his own home ( the frame in the picture :))

If you want to adopt him please write your details below and click submit. 

I will contact you with further details
so please leave your email!"

"Crayon on Paper ( 15.3  x 20.5 cm incl. Frame)

40 Euro"

I do accept paypal! 

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